Received an investigation letter from the BON or Peer Review? Need help? Need someone to be on your side or explain the process? Contact our Certified Nurse Advocate today!

One of the scariest things to happen to a nurse is to be under regulatory investigation. Don’t walk this journey alone. 

Know your rights in the process!

We are experienced nurse educators and can assist you with resources and understanding what your next step is.

Our goal is to be your guide in this process that is fraught with possible missteps. We can refer you to resources, nurse attorneys and discuss options. 

Take a deep breath, pause for a moment. 

Do not speak or write or email without pausing to think and consult someone. Everything you say is on the record. 

Put your best foot forward and present your best self. and contact us for a confidential nurse educator consultation.

We have been providing. Peer Review education, remediation and nurse education consultancy for over 20 years. 

You don’t have to go it alone!

Contact me for a on the phone, in person or virtual meeting! 


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  1. I need to take the nursing documentation class before August 12 it Has to be six hours do you have something immediately available

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