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Nurse Refresher In-Class & Online or Correspondence Version

Exceeding Board of Nursing requirements to prepare each nurse to safely and competently return to clinical practice. Our In class and Computerized/Correspondence Nurse Refresher Program options are available to most nurses. We can accommodate most any situation using our innovative programs. Yes, we can assist nurses who can't get to every class and accommodate nurses that do not have internet and computer access (just ask).

The program is based on the nursing textbooks: Lippincott's Review of Medical Surgical Nursing for Certification and use both Lippincott and the Illustrated Medical Surgical Study Guide which uses colorful drawings and mnemonic cartoons to cover the nursing concepts and content. These textbooks will be available electronically only and open until you finish the nurse refresher program.

You will also be given assignments and have access to simulated clinicals and learning through our Learning Management System (LMS) that provides a safe opportunity to practice nursing assessment skills, prepare medications, review system concepts and provide safe, effective care across the lifespan in virtual clinical environment. You will learn how to access and evaluate information resources that are essential for high quality patient care. The virtual hospital has realistic patient rooms with video of patient to perform assessments, nurse's station with charts where you will receive report and a Medication Room.

These presentation methods make learning easy and effective. This bridges the gap between classroom and practice.

After completion of these programs the nurse will be eligible for clinicals with an active or temporary nursing license, CPR for Healthcare Providers, TB skin test or C-XR, Hepatitis B, and other site specific requirements. The nurse may schedule clinicals at one of our affiliated sites. Clinicals are scheduled 7 days a week.The In-Class Refresher Program is offered in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio (see calendar or call for schedules).

The Refresher Program was developed originally for nurses with an in-active license, to return to active practice safely. The program has been extended to nurses with active licenses, foreign educated nurses that have or have not passed the NCLEX-RN as of yet, as well as nurses that have encumbered licenses and/or BON stipulations to take the Nurse Refresher Program.

In-person or phone Interview required with Director of Educator for all those desiring to perform clinicals in a preceptored/supervised clinical setting with various patient care experiences.

Curriculum is routinely updated.

Certification for 20 Contact Hours plus verification of successful refresher program certificate or BON forms after clinical portion performed.

  • Preceptorships all include coursework and clinicals
  • Preceptorships are available to currently active RNs in Texas
  • Applications being taken now
Course Requirements:
  • RN or LVN/LPN with current license, temporary permit, for foreign nurse graduates you need approval by NCSBN to take NCLEX exam, authorization to work in the US, an ESL of high-intermediate (130 or above), and/or BON permission to practice clinically.
  • Current PPD/TB Skin Test or if positive in the past a negative CXR
  • Negative Drug Screen
  • Must be able to sit, stand, and work at least 6 hours


Application and deposit after phone/in person interview (please bring copy of resume or work history dates and areas of practice), tour & pre-class study packet, at this time immunizations (TB or CXR, Hepatitis B record, titer, or can sign declination, MMR, Varicella, and Tdap (required by some clinical sites), Influenza (only required for hospital clinicals during flu season). All of these records can be turned in or done here at the office.

CPR info will be given for those that do not have current American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR, info on glucose machine, Precheck 7 year criminal background check form including OIG Medicare/Medicaid Sanction List.

Info on temporary permits, Endorsement, Re-activation forms can be gone over at this time as well.

All nurses are subject to random or for cause drug or alcohol testing.

Be prepared to inform the educator of any prior drug, alcohol, psychiatric history, and/or any prior criminal charges or convictions even if never sanctioned by the BON.

This program is an equal opportunity program and does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, ethnic background, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability. Please notify PHES if you require special accommodations. We will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

An interview with an educator and assessment test are required to see if you meet the criteria for the computer based learning program.

Yes, you need to know the basics of computer use: how to open and close a program, how to scroll down and, how to use a mouse.

The didactic time including in class and online is 80 hrs. The length of time varies by student from 1-3 months for the coursework depending on time spent on the assignments and is followed by an 80 hour minimum clinical for in-active nurses. Active nurses may consult with the education department when deciding how many clinical hours they need.

Course Assistance will be provided by the Learning Management System providers and the course educators during and after your course for up to 3 hours. This assistance is included in the total cost of the course.