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What to do if you make a nursing mistake?

1. Own it. Don't lie or cover-up or delay incident report reporting. The possibility of making a mistake is always lurking and although it happens what happens to you and your license depends on your response. Although, legal issues can seem daunting the truth makes everything easier. Also, when deciding punishment the BON looks at whether you an be trusted to work autonomously.

2.  Assess and treat your patient with appropriate nursing interventions;

3. Contact the patient's ordering practioner and go up your nursing chain of command.

4. Contact a nurse attorney for support as needed for Peer Review and to represent you at the BON.

5. Do not contact patients or staff yourself. This is what the lawyer is for. 

6. Educate yourself on the matter to increase your knowledge and competency. Seek appropriate continuing education pro-actively.


Posted by Yvette on 8/28/2018 9:01:25 PM