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How to prevent trouble with the BON!

1. Read and follow facility policies.

2.  Seek direction and supervision before caring for a patient with unfamiliar equipment or diagnosis that you do not know how to care for.

3. Notify your supervisor, educators or policy makers for ongoing and urgent issues. Put in in writing like an email if needed.

4.  Remember you have a duty to your patient to provide safe care. Sometimes that means leaving the situation when it can't be fixed. You can't stay in a situation until it becomes a chronic situation. 

5. Review your Safe Harbor rights and use them when appropriate.

6. Stay up to date with BON newsletter, rules and regulations and position statements for changes. 

7. Go to in-services, seek certification, use current textbooks and evidence based practice guidelines, nursing specialty association standards,  manufacturer website and instructions.  

No one is full proof from making an error but, if you use some of these guidelines it will go a long way to decreasing the likelihood that you will have an issue serious enough as to require board action.

As you go through each day caring for others know that I am praying for you to use the knowledge I have to share to empower you as we navigate the landmines of healthcare in today's world.

Be blessed,

V. Yvette Cheeks 

Posted by Yvette on 8/28/2018 9:14:15 PM