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The Benefits of a Registered Nurse Refresher Course

What is a Refresher Course?

A Refresher Course is specifically designed for nurses who have a valid RN license but have not been a part of the nursing workforce for a substantial amount of time, and are contemplating returning to the profession. The nurse refresher course is online, and is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). It provides necessary information during a program which consists of six written courses as well as assessing of ten systems video presentation.

These courses help licensed practical nurses as well as registered nurses to maintain their certification through the required continuing education (CE) units by preparing nurses, who have been inactive for a long interval, for re-entry into active workforce of nurses.

What should you look for in a Refresher Course?


Assess your learning styles and find out if you have the discipline to complete RN refresher courses online or would prefer a classroom setting for your Registered Nurse Refresher Course with instructors and other students.

  • Content should include pharmacology and also current treatment for common diseases, which include heart disease, diabetes and pulmonary disease.
  • Content on current practice ethics, laws and legal updates
  • Skills lab for practicing of nursing skills which also include common procedures for patient assessment
  • Practice of critical thinking skills in simulated labs on skills related to interventions, evaluations and assessments


The program may also include a clinical component, which gives the students the opportunity to put their refreshed medical knowledge and sharpened skills into practice in a direct patient-care environment. The community college / university helps the student to obtain a position at any nearby medical facility for this purpose.

  • Clinical experience on a medical / surgical unit, an inpatient under an experienced staff nurse as preceptor
  • Clinical experience in a group on a medical / surgical unit, an inpatient with a clinical instructor

Our professional healthcare education service, has years of experience in imparting superior and relevant RN Refresher courses. Our nursing refresher course covers various topics which include general principles of Pharmacology, nursing ethics, physical assessment, critical thinking, nursing Jurisprudence and medication administration. This program for registered nurse continuing education also includes clinical options in medication administration for those who need it or are eager to update their nursing skills.

Posted by Yvette on 11/20/2016 12:52:41 PM