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Registered Nurse Continuing Education - Nurse Refresher

A Nursing Refresher Course to Fulfill Your Registered Nurse Continuing Education Requirements

Nursing courses are a necessity for licensed practical nurses (LPN) as well as registered nurses (RN) for continuing education units to maintain their certification. Through the nursing refresher course, active nurses can upgrade their skills and fulfill the Continuing Education (CE) requirements to renew or maintain their licenses while the inactive nurses can take the help of the refresher courses for re-entry into the healthcare workforce, which is necessary as per the condition of the State Board of Nursing.

How these courses help?

The refresher courses are available through colleges and hospitals and are designed for LPNs and RNs who have been out-of-touch with their profession for a period of at least three years. Nurses can also access the RN refresher courses online for updating themselves.

The board of nursing standardizes the Nurse Practice Act of states, approves refresher courses for nurses and also finalizes the requirements that are needed to maintain an active status by the nurses. So checking out with the state board of nursing will help to select a reliable RN refresher course.

Components of Registered Nurse Continuing Education

While a RN refresher course might not be divided into any specific subject specifics, all of them contain didactic and clinical components.

  • Didactic Course
    • The didactic course is primarily conducted to bring to the nurses the latest developments concerning medical knowledge and therapeutic advances. Discussions on a wide range of topics from medical-surgical nursing skills to patient care are carried out. Lecture topics include medications, diagnostic methods, medical ethics, nutrition, pain management, charting and documentation, wound care and medical terminologies.
  • Clinical Course
    • Before participating in a supervised hands-on clinical practical, the students have to pass an examination. The 80-hour clinical practical is an essential requirement of registered nurse continuing education , although some refresher programs require more time. The hands-on practicum enables students to incorporate their newly acquired knowledge and skills on direct care of patients here in Houston, Texas.

Phes Online provides the necessary training and RN refresher courses required by nurses and helps to sharpen the nursing skills of nurses required to either upgrade or give them an edge to once again return to the field of nursing with renewed confidence.

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