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Pursuing Registered Nurse Continuing Education?

Taking a RN refresher Course in Houston

Refresher courses for nurses are helpful for licensed practical nurses and registered nurses to maintain their certification through essential continued education. Nursing refresher courses are designed to prepare inactive nurses to reenter the healthcare workforce. Besides, active nurses who are interested in updating the skills to earn CE units for renewal of certification, too can go for registered nurse continuing education.

Why take a RN Refresher Course?

If you have been out of active nursing practice and want to update your knowledge to return to the profession in Houston, an RN refresher Course from Professional Healthcare Education Service is a must for you.

The main characteristics of the RN refresher courses online are:

  • Helps you reinstate the license or earn contact hours to get the license renewed.
  • Provides latest updates in nursing care and management presented by field experts.
  • Provides learner support through email, web, fax, and phone.
  • Provides preceptor clinical experience within the home community.

A nursing refresher course can be taken by registered nurses (RNs) as well as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). Some of the concepts included in a refresher course include:

  • Nursing equipment and technique
  • Pharmacology
  • IV Therapy
  • Health Assessment
  • Career Transition

Taking up a RN refresher course provides you a brand new confidence. After completing your course, you will encounter a whole team of nurses, doctors, and professionals who would guide you to work efficiently and effectively through training.

During the RN refresher course, you will:

  • Achieve an improved comfort level in the clinical environment.
  • Get to know the latest procedures and technologies.
  • Be capable to rejoin your colleagues in the challenging world of healthcare
  • Be ready to approach the workforce and seek employment with confidence.
  • Be able to refresh your present nursing skills while learning the latest ones under the guidance of experienced nurses.

Wrapping up, a RN refresher course prepares you to deal with all the aspects of patients' requirements. You come to know about the techniques to handle special situations aptly and in a highly professional manner. If your career aspirations too requires the help of a nursing refresher course to soar ahead, then it's worth your time checking Professional Healthcare Education Service and its relevant courses.

Posted by Yvette on 5/17/2016 4:49:13 PM