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Nurse Refresher Course

Choose PHES for Your Nurse Refresher Course

[Posted on Nov 07]

If you have been out of the nursing profession for a bit then you will likely need a nurse refresher course prior to re-entering the workforce. A refresher course will make you prepared to handle any new technology and treatment methods that may have been introduced while you were away from a clinical setting. A quality refresher course will prepare you to deal with all aspects of your patients’ needs and ensure that you are more than ready to once again work in your profession. Choosing the school for your nurse refresher course does not have to be as difficult as it sounds.

PHES is a Houston nursing school that offers a number of nurse refresher courses that will prepare you to reenter the clinical workforce. Our courses allow you to achieve renewed comfort with your profession and give you the skills that you need to reenter a clinical work setting. You will learn about any new procedures or treatment options and any new technology that has been introduced during your absence and generally refresh your skills as a nurse all under the guidance of an experienced nursing instructor. PHES was founded by two registered nurses with more than 25 years of experience in the clinical, critical care, administration and other settings.

Whether you need an RN refresher course, an LVN or have other needs, PHES can assist you and ensure that you are ready to once again enter the profession that you love. Our refresher courses include a review of the overall nursing profession as well as anatomy and physiology, documentation, physical assessment training, nursing jurisprudence, ethics, pharmacology and other lessons that will prepare you for whatever lies ahead. We can help you to get prepared to reenter your field by offering a number of refresher courses to meet a number of nursing needs.

You chose nursing as a profession likely because you love helping people. We can help you to be better prepared to offer assistance to your patients through a variety of nurse refresher courses that are designed for your specific learning needs. Taking a refresher course can help to open up doors in your career that will allow you to move up in your place of employment or prepare you for a better paying job in the future. Browse the remainder of the PHES website to learn more about our specific nursing refresher courses or contact us with any questions that you may have.


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Posted by Yvette on 11/7/2014