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Need a Registered Nurse Refresher Course? Sign Up Here

If You Need a Registered Nurse Refresher Course, Here's How to Sign Up

In comparison to the growth rate of 14% of all other career options in the US, nursing jobs boast of a massive growth of 26%. These statistics denote that there is massive growth potential for registered nursing jobs. However if you are joining back after a short break then you need to undergo a registered nurse refresher course such as the ones provided at Professional HealthCare Education Service, Inc.

Why pursue Registered Nursing (RN)?

Although the compensation and prospects of this particular profession are quite rewarding, that is not all. There is more to the story. There is a sense of fulfillment as you get to help people suffering from illness or injury So, those having a vision of serving humanity must opt for registered nursing jobs.

Getting licenses

After acquiring the necessary educational qualification (BSN or AND), you will have to get nursing licenses. Well, that will provide you the designation of an RN. For earning a nursing license, you need to qualify the National Council Licensure Examination or NLCEX-RN examination. If you wish to specialize in a specific field of nursing; then you must also earn certifications from there.

Joining back

When looking to serve the patients after a short break, you need to consider signing up for refresher course. Completing this course denotes that you are now ready to get into active job responsibilities. At Professional HealthCare Education Service, Inc. you will find career oriented registered nurse refresher course available for RNs who are wishing to re-join the healthcare industry. You can sign up by simply filling up the online application form. Our courses will help you maintain your certification and practicing licenses with up to date knowledge sharing and pharmacology updates.

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