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Looking for a Nursing Refresher Course?

Looking for a Nursing Refresher Course? Here's What You Need to Know of its Value.


Here, in Houston, TX, the Texas Board of Nursing regulates registered nurses (RNs) and their education. Similarly, there are boards to regulate nurses in other parts of the U.S. Today, there is a huge demand for RNs here in and around Texas, as denoted by the serious shortage of full-time registered nurses. The Texas Needs Nurses organization states the state has a shortfall of 22,000 RNs and this number will grow to 70,000 by 2020. This shortage of RNs has made people and administrators realize the below value RNs add to the medical community.


RNs consider it a privilege to serve the community and know they play an important role in the community. The sheer ability to help patients and their loved ones makes the long hours and low pay worthwhile. However, for RNs, a nursing refresher course from a reputed institute like Professional HealthCare Education Service, Inc. can do wonders for their career and knowledge. Some of the ways in which a RN can add value in the healthcare system through a nursing refresher course include -


  • Quality Care - RNs are the ones who take care of patients routinely in hospitals and clinics. The experience patients and family members initially have with the facility depends on how the RNs act and behave.
  • Vital Link Between the Patient and Physician - Since RNs spend so much time talking to patients and understanding their health issues, they serve as a conduit for information between the doctor and patient. It has been observed patients are not intimidated by RNs and hence, are more likely to open up with them and explain the problems they have. RNs, in turn, can apprise the doctors, so that correct diagnosis and treatment can occur.
  • Psychological Support - When patients and their family members come to clinics and hospitals, they are often anxious and stressed out. RNs offer empathy and support to patients, thanks to their knowledge and experience, thereby assisting them to cope with their health problems.
Posted by Houston Nurse on 11/11/2015