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How to reenter the Nursing Profession Come Refresh with us at PHES!

Many former nurses seeking to reenter the profession find some obstacles. We here at PHES help you overcome the obstacles in your way. We have experienced refresher counselors to assist you with meeting the regulatory rules for the Board of Nursing.

Whether you have been a Stay at Home Mom, a caregiver for a loved one or, in another career we can help you successfully transition back to nursing. Our classes and labs will make sure you are competent and confident! 

Secondly, we have flexible schedules and offerings in which you can finish quickly for the nurse needing to get back to work due to life circumstance changes. No need to go to a class for a few nights a week for a whole semester. 

You can take as long as a year so, if something changes in your life once you have started you can pick up later after it is resolved. This takes away a lot of pressure for the returning nurse that is uncertain of his/her personal situation.

Don't read the blogs about nurses who can't find jobs. There are nursing jobs. Yes, it can be geographic areas where it is harder depending on your experience and degree. In orientation we go over career options, resume updating, interviewing, etc to get you the job you want or need.  

Give us an email or a call today! [email protected] 281-313-7437

We look forward to being part of your journey. 


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