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Immunizations in Houston from Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES) and The IMU Southwest Clinic Can Give Travelers and Parents Peace of Mind

Most Houston residents strive for a healthy lifestyle and a high quality of life. With state-of-the-art breakthroughs in technology for field of medicine, people are living longer and healthier lives. This could not happen if immunizations in Houston and many other parts of the world were not administered.

Good health is paramount when nurturing families, being able to be productive in schools and at work, and improving our quality of life. At PHES/IMU we understand these objectives and offer protective vaccines to help you have a proactive readiness for a healthy life. Vaccine-preventable disease levels are at or near record lows due to not only our vaccine clinic in Houston, but these types of facilities around the world. However, because the bottom line is good health, we cannot take the importance of immunizations in Houston for granted. To continue to protect Houston children and adults, we really must obtain maximum immunization coverage of our population and so must other societies in all populations. Establishing effective communication of information, implementing immunizations in Houston program initiatives, and ensuring vaccine safety is of the utmost importance. At PHES,/IMU this is what we are committed to do for you. Our professional staff has a high degree of expertise and proficiency in Houston immunizations, even a TB skin test houston , and all vaccines related to international travel or work.

Come to Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. and The IMU Southwest Clinic for Immunizations in Houston

At PHES/IMU , we have grown into a trusted vaccine clinic in Houston. Your doctor's office could be reluctant to stock a full range of vaccines for patients because of the high cost and insurance reimbursement inefficiencies. PHES makes sure its vaccine fulfillment services for immunizations in Houston for travel medicine as well as protective vaccines are available to you when you need them. Even if you may require special vaccines that are not necessarily related to travel, PHES can provide you with solid information to assess your needs. These vaccines require assessments of your health history, risk groups, and individual needs. We are state certified providers and follow protocols and guidelines to ensure proper application of these immunizations in Houston, and wellness vaccines to our clients is provided.

For more information about immunizations in Houston for a healthy lifestyle, contact us today at 877-313-7437 (Toll Free).


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For Information on Immunizations in Houston, Contact Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc.

[Posted on Jan 02]

For nurses, allied health professionals, healthcare facilities and the general public, Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc is a healthcare education company that employs registered instructors with over 25 years of experience in critical care, emergency nursing, education, medicine and surgery, administration, and home healthcare. All of our instructors are licensed registered nurses who are experts in their fields. Additionally they are members of the Texas Nurses Association and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. They specialize in education of nurses, health professionals, and the general public on topics such as immunizations in Houston.

Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc has several options to meet your medical education needs. They offer monthly courses in Houston and several courses per year in San Antonio, Texas, as well as several in the Dallas area. You may be eligible for a correspondence course as well. Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc also provides Texas, Louisiana, and California with approved remediation classes for any nursing professionals who have board or peer stipulations raised against them, as well as offering RN refresher course.

Some courses that are offered by Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc include: Medical Administration, Nursing Jurisprudence, Nursing Ethics, Critical Thinking, Physical Assessment, General Principles of Pharmacology, Review of Drug Modules, Skills Lab, Bioterrorism, Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC), Midline Insertion Course, OSHA, Basic Dysrhythmia Part One, Basic Dysrhythmia Part Two, Documentation, CPR, Infection Control, Delegation Update, Pain Management, Abuse & Neglect, Professional Boundaries, Hepatitis C, IV Therapy and Injections, Phlebotomy Basics and more. At our website you can click on Courses to learn more about each class offered with a detailed description, and to determine which course or courses may be appropriate for you.

Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc also offers a vaccine clinic in Houston. Our goals as a vaccine clinic are to control and help possibly eliminate diseases that are preventable by providing immunizations in Houston, to provide information about vaccines to the general public, to help educate parents about the importance of vaccinating children, and to consult patients about screening their health history to determine which vaccines may be necessary for them before traveling. If you have any further questions about our healthcare education service or our vaccine clinic in Houston, please feel free to browse our website or contact us today. We look forward to meeting all of your healthcare service needs and answering any questions that you may have.

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