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If You are Ready to Return to Work in the Medical Field, PHES Houston Nursing School Has Just What the Doctor Ordered

With over 25 years of experience in critical care, education, medical/surgical nursing, administration, and home health, two nurses decided to create PHES (Professional Healthcare Education Services, Inc.). Our Houston nursing school is honed for nurses in need of refresher or remediation courses due to being clinically in-active or to meet Texas Board of Nursing requirements or stipulations. All instructors at the PHES Houston nursing school are experienced, caring instructors that love working in an adult learning environment.

If you are ready to get back in the swing of things as a nurse, your first step may be to take a nurse refresher course. Many nurses in the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and other Texas cities know that a Texas Board of Nursing approved nursing school is the only thing standing in the way of getting their careers back on track. Whether your current nursing license is inactive or lapsed, the state board of nursing requires you to take an RN refresher course or to return to active status. The backgrounds and situations represented by nurses who have taken our PHES course at our Houston nursing school are incredibly varied. Regardless of your experience or expertise, our classes are geared to prepare you to be legally licensed and/or up to date with the procedures you need to get your job done safely.

PHES works to ensure the value of our services. Because of this and our attention to the needs of our returning nurses we have recently added to our Houston School Program a Career Workshop. The workshop is lead but nationally syndicated columnist and career transition expert, Kimberly Thompson. You can see her column in The Houston Chronicle Employment section on Sundays. She will be doing resume review, career coaching, training in interview techniques and keywords needed for online applications.

Make Sure You Attend a Houston Nursing School That is State Certified

The State of Texas Board of Nursing has approved the core curriculum topics for the PHES Houston nursing school. We know that when you are considering a Houston nursing school you look at the cost, course schedule, teaching methods, and availability of courses. At PHES we want you to rest assured we have considered these things as well and have set up a program that reaches the needs of many in the nursing field. We have taken the time to determine your professional needs and what you will have to learn to feel comfortable returning. At the PHES Houston nursing school the curriculum is routinely updated and has to be re-approved by the BON every two years.

Contact the PHES Houston Nursing School Today

Regardless of your reason for searching for a Houston nursing school for either an RN or LVN refresher course, we want you to know you will make a smart choice with PHES. Contact us today to begin you nursing future tomorrow.

For class and scheduling information for our Houston Nursing School, contact PHES at 877-313-7437 (Toll Free) or e-mail [email protected] or visit


Featured Article:

As a Top Houston Nursing School, PHES Can Help You to Get Back on Top of Your Career

[Posted on July 02]

PHES is a Houston nursing school that cares about your nursing career. If you are a nurse who has taken an extended leave of absence and is finally ready to get back to work in a clinical setting, we can help. We offer refresher courses that are designed to give you the training and information needed to confidently deliver quality medical care to your patients. During our courses you will learn about any new treatment options or technologies that may have been introduced while you were away from nursing. This helps you to better understand today’s medical treatment options and provide your patients with the best in care.

When you opt to take a Nurse refresher course from PHES, you are receiving many years of experience. We have been providing quality nurse refresher courses for years and have helped thousands of nurses to once again work in the field that they love. Your courses will begin at home through DVD study. Once this portion of your refresher is completed you will move into a classroom lecture and skills lab setting. We take the time to ensure that we cover every aspect of nursing with you so that you are confident in your abilities to provide quality medical care.

Our RN refresher course material is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing. Our instructors take the time to ensure that each nursing student is retaining the needed information. We limit our class sizes to just 20 nurses each so that your instructor will be able to provide you with the personal attention that you need. Your studies will include topics like anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, physical assessment, medications and others. We offer two locations for your practicum at the Windsong Nursing and Rehab Facility in Pearland, TX and the Grace Care Nursing Home in Katy, TX.

When you have successfully completed your classroom studies you will be able to move on to a clinical setting in one of these locations and work under direct supervision of an RN. Upon completion of our courses, students receive a certificate of completion as well as 20 hours of continued education. If you are ready to work in the nursing field again and need a refresher, we are ready to provide you with quality education. You can read more about the benefits of our nurse refresher courses by visiting our website at or call us toll-free at any time by dialing 877-313-7437 or email us at [email protected] at any time.


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