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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to our most common questions

A nurse remediator is one who has to fulfill a judgement given to him or her from the BON. The judgement will include completion of one or more of the following courses: Medication Administration, Nursing Jurisprudence, Documentation, Physical Assessment and Ethics. The judgment may or may not include clinical hours. In most situations, the nurse has one year to fulfill the requirements of the judgement

A nurse refresher can be a RN or LVN who has not practiced clinical nursing for a length of time (check with your state board on the time period), a person who has allowed their license to become inactive, a person coming from another state/country, or a transitioning nurse from another practice area.

here are other courses available which may be recommended by your instructor depending on your past experience and future plans.The refresher program is designed to update knowledge, current nursing theory and clinical practice, which consist of a didactic and clinical component to ensure entry-level competencies into professional practice. These courses are not accepted for CEU's credit.

Customized courses are designed to meet the customer’s specific needs. PHES travels to your facility to give the course of your choice. Our customer base includes: Hospitals Nursing homes Doctor offices Childcare centers Churches and moreYou can request a complimentary interview with one of PHES’ consultants to discuss your specific needs. The customized material can be given as a one-hour inservice or a four seminar. PHES charges by the hour, not by the person. This is an incredible saving for the customer. All records will be provided for you.

Various types of facilities require that the staff demonstrate specific tasks to show competency.Examples: Nursing home staff demonstrates competency in medication administration Daycare staff demonstrate competency in CPR and First Aid Hospital staff demonstrates competency in moderate sedation Home health aide demonstrates competency in reinforcing a wound dressingAll records will be provided for you.

Registration can be done online, by fax, mail, or phone. Registration must be completed by means of the above mentioned methods and submitted to PHES offices ONE week prior to course date.

Yes. Payments are due ONE week prior to class online, or by mail with check or money order and all major credit cards. Payments are also accepted the day of class by check, cash or money order. Although payment is accepted the day your course begins, you must have your registration form to PHES one week PRIOR to course commencement.

Requests for rescheduling must be received by PHES 12 hours prior to course date. If not, a $50 cancellation/rescheduling fee will be added to the total payment due.

Texas is now using the language Contact Hours instead of CE or CEU and many of the classes will count for Contact hours for your license. Some of the core didactic does not meet the BON rules. If you do the full refresher program including clinicals you will receive your Verification of Course Completion and 20 Contact Hours.

You can only do clinicals after the didactic material is completed. We have over 15 clinical affiliation agreements throughout Texas. You may also perform clinicals at a site near you if the facility will allow and it is approved by the PHES Director of Education. We are also working on affiliations in our newer approved states California and North Carolina.

We have locations in Southwest Houston and North Houston. Call PHES to find out where a particular course will be taught that month.

No, PHES is not a nursing school or a nurse’s aide school. PHES is a continuing education company specializing in healthcare courses.

Most nurses find that it takes about two to four months (six months is the maximum time allowed without prior permission) to complete the program.

Please call for cost and be prepared to answer specific questions about your status. These answers help us determine your specific course and clinical needs and we can then give you a cost. For example, there are different requirements for a nurse that is Endorsing from another state, coming from another country, delinquent in Texas, in-active in Texas, or active but, not practicing in Texas. The cost does not you includes all course material, background check, liability insurance, and clinical costs. This does not include the cost of scrubs, stethoscope, TB skin test or CXR, vaccines required by specific clinical sites, or CPR. A deposit of $100 is due on registration and payment is due at the beginning of the program. Cash, check, money order or credit cards are accepted and we do payment plans for those nurses that are not active. Please ask for more information regarding the payment plan if needed.

  • Each nurse refresher that desires to do clinical must have a current license/temporary permit to practice nursing in the state of Texas (if you will be utilizing a temporary permit, do not send for it until you have been accepted in a program).
  • Current BLS for Healthcare Provider CPR
  • TB skin test or CXR
  • Hepatitis B vaccine, titer showing immunity, or sign a declination waiver obtained from us
  • Depending on the clinical setting criteria there may be additional vaccine requirements, like Influenza, Tdap, MMR, or Varicella. This will be discussed in phone/in person intake interviews on registration request
  • Liability Insurance provided by the school (included in tuition cost)
  • Background Check (done by the school and included in tuition cost)
  • Drug Screen (done by school and subject to random)
  • Clean, neat scrubs provided by student
  • Stethoscope provided by student
  • Upon successful completion of the didactic learning, the nurse will be instructed to apply for his/her temporary permit for clinicals.
  • Passing score on all module quizzes
  • The participant must be show the ability to meet the nurse refresher behavior expectations.
  • Upon receipt of all the above. The nurse may make request for the sites and areas of practice of their choice. The Director of Education will schedule all clinicals with the clinical site and receive confirmation and then will confirm with each nurse where they are to report, any specific orientation requirements and the clinical schedule and will be precepted by an experienced staff nurse at the facility. The clinical goal is to allow the nurse to gain hands on experience and become confident and competent. The facility RN will supervise the participant, provide direction, and assist with learning skills for the nurse to successfully transition back into nursing practice.