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Nurses Who are In-Active in Texas, Working in Non-Clinical Areas or Moving From Out of State or the Country Will Need an LVN Refresher Course from Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES)

The LVN refresher course provided by Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. (PHES) was developed originally so that nurses with an in-active license could not only legally return to active practice but do so feeling confident they are well prepared. PHES wants to assist nurses with an LVN refresher course or an RN refresher course who are in transition whether they are moving into the state or getting back to work. This particular LVN refresher course program has been extended to nurses educated outside of the U.S., also with active licenses that have or have not yet passed the NCLEX-RN, as well as nurses that have encumbered licenses and/or BON stipulations.

You might be seeking an LVN refresher course from PHES if you have received stipulations requiring that you do courses to continue or to return to practice. No matter what your situation for taking an LVN refresher course, you will be glad you found us. All PHES instructors are currently licensed, practicing RNs with expertise in their practice fields. They are passionate about offering a nurse refresher course that will enable people in the trade to return to work safely. Our instructors are members of The Texas Nurses Association and The American Association of Critical Care Nurses so you can rest assured they are up to date with the latest trade information and can answer all of your questions.

It is important that you are aware that your LVN refresher course grade will be evaluated in the following way:

Our PHES LVN refresher course offers a variety of methods to make sure your educational requirements are met. We also offer a computerized LVN refresher course option that is available at our classroom site. For this LVN refresher course, we used the nursing textbook, Foundations and Adult Health Nursing by Mosby, to help develop it. We chose this book to make sure PHES bridges the gap between classroom and practice. The PHES nursing school in Houston provides monthly courses in Houston and several times a year in San Antonio, Texarkana, and the Dallas/Plano area. We look forward to helping you get back to helping everyone else. Call us today to sign up for your LVN refresher course.

Featured Article:

Get the LVN Refresher Course You Need for Continuing Education with PHES

[Posted on June 06]

If you have been working in a non-clinical area or are otherwise inactive and plan to rejoin the clinical workforce, you will need an LVN refresher course that is provided by a professional healthcare service. Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. or PHES has developed an LVN refresher course that will allow you to gain the education credentials needed to regain your active practice and prepare you for any new procedures or methods that may currently be used. We can assist you with the credentials that you need to get back into the clinical job market whether you have been inactive, working in a non-clinical setting or just recently moved into the state.

The LVN nurse refresher course from PHES has also been extended to include nurses who were educated outside of the United States and those who have not yet passed their NCLEX-RN certification. If you have certain stipulations that require you to continue to practice to return to active practice, our LVN refresher course will give you the necessary certification to do so. All of the instructors at PHES are professionally licensed and practicing RNs who have expertise in their fields of practice. Our instructors are passionate about what they do and are ready to help you to expand your career choices.

Whether you are looking for a certified LVN or RN refresher course to return to active practice or any other reason, PHES can help. Our instructors are all members of the Texas Nurses Association as well as the American Association of Critical Care Nurses so you know that they have the most updated information available for your training. Our courses are easy to begin and will give you the knowledge and education credentials that you need to once again resume your active practice of the field you love.

We offer an LVN refresher course that gives you a number of different methods of ensuring that your educational requirements are met. We provide a computerized course option that you can find on our classroom site and we use the nursing textbook, Foundations and Adult Health Nursing by Mosby to develop the course. PHES offers monthly courses in Houston, Texas and courses at various times throughout the year in San Antonio, Dallas and Texarkana. Call us today for more information or to begin the refresher course that will help you to reenter your field of practice and begin a new step in your career journey.

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