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[Posted on Mar 05]

PHES or Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. offers a number of services. If you are an employer and need to have your employees or applicants tested for drug use, we offer a drug test Houston. We understand that you need to protect your business and that sometimes drug tests are needed in order to do so. We can provide you with drug testing for a number of drugs and ensure that you receive accurate results for all of your employees or applicants. Our vaccine clinic offers a range of drug tests for random testing as well as post-accident cases, probable cause situations and pre-employment needs.

PHES is a Houston nursing school that offers many services. For nurses, we provide nurse refresher courses that will enable you to re-enter the workplace after an extended absence. If you have been out of the clinical setting for a while and are ready to return to work, we can ensure that you receive all of the classes that you need to reacquaint yourself with a clinical setting and learn about any new treatment options or technologies that may have been introduced during your absence. Our courses are taught by registered nurses and will help you to be better prepared to re-enter the workforce after your absence.

We provide Houston immunizations for school aged children as well as those who are traveling overseas or need to satisfy workplace requirements. We can ensure that you understand your needed immunizations and how they work. We provide vaccinations for those who are traveling to countries that may put them at a higher risk for contracting certain diseases and illnesses and those that satisfy the public and private school sectors in Houston. If you need drug testing, we can provide you with fast and accurate results that will enable you to protect your workplace or satisfy employment requirements.

Whether you are an employer who needs random drug testing done, someone needing immunizations before traveling or entering school or a nurse who simply wants to re-enter the workforce, PHES is here to help. We offer a variety of services for a variety of individuals. Our drug testing and TB skin tests meet state requirements and we can provide you with more information about any of our tests or immunizations. Feel free to read more on our website or contact us at Professional Healthcare Education Service, Inc. for more information.


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Posted by Yvette on 3/5/2014